Healing Surgical Corporation was established in 1995 in Sialkot (Pakistan), which has been a major manufacturing set-up of Surgical and Medical Instruments since the independence of Pakistan.
Sialkot is also called “A City of Medical Instruments”.
We specialize in the production of Surgical and Dental Instruments.

We export our instruments to several countries around the World. In the presence of our skilled personnel and competent staff, Healing Surgical Corporation is able to produce High Quality Products and meets the Quality requirements successfully, therefore, the instruments from Healing Surgical Corporation have earned the name “Brilliant” in this industry.

We welcome the comments and guidelines from our valued customers regarding improvement in Quality. Our manufacturing facilities are equipped with modern machineries.

Healing Surgical Corporation is ISO 9001:2008, ISO 13485:2003 and CE Mark certified. Our chief aim / main goal is to provide the Best Quality, Best Service, Competitive Prices and Customer Satisfaction. This is highlighted in our Quality Policy.

Quality Policy

Healing Surgical Corporation is committed for continuous improvement in the quality and the service that we provide to our valuable customers by, starting from the very beginning:

  • Improving Quality through modern techniques
  • Main emphasis on Quality
  • Fulfilling customer requirements in Production, Process & Service
  • On time delivery
  • Minimizing Rework and Rejection Rate

We always feel pleasured and honored serving our valuable customer to the utmost satisfaction with our Quality Assured Product.

Company’s Philosophy

Knowing a market and its needs, utilizing one’s resources to fulfill those needs in an optimal way and ending up with a surplus, is the normal role of business. But understanding the market in depth, stretching it to the fullest potential, creating new unfulfilled needs, putting all of our talent and that of the entire team in clear focus, being dedicated in the process, and emerging as a leader – this is living a mission. This is the role and heritage of a value added society. It is exciting, rewarding and never ending.